Who is Steele Mommy?

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s STEELE MOMMY!

You may know one, you may be one. I bring home the bacon, and I cook it too. I don’t have time to suffer your insolence, but I do it anyways because I love you. I lose my stuff on a daily basis, and cry by myself in a corner because no one needs to worry about me. I’ll make it okay. I try not to give two flying f’s about what people think, because I understand we’re all just trying to get by. Also, because I have a booger on my shirt & I saw it. I was too tired to flick it off. Also, I no longer swear like a sailor because I’m trying to set a good example.

I smile at the breastfeeding mom & I envy you over there at the table with the bottle. I appreciate the choices I have to make to decide what’s best for my family & respect yours.

I pick up poop with my bare hands in an emergency, I’m often covered in it. I’m elegant in an understated way, and I may or may not have a belly from childbirth- either way, it doesn’t matter because I’m beautiful.

I make choices & understand that you do too. They are different, they are unique to our situations, and I support you. I don’t have it all, do it all, or want it all- because I understand it’s impossible. I don’t believe it when someone says they do. I call you on your bullstuff. I’m sorry you feel you have to lie to us & yourself.

I cry for your loss, and I understand you did too…by yourself in a corner, in public, in private, on the subway, in your car. I get it, I’m a Steele Mommy too.

High fives to you Steele Mommy, and may your day end in a hammock under a palm tree sipping pineapple margaritas. It won’t, but I still wish this for you.


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