As I leaned over…

To give Lil L her vitamins in the tub, I screamed. It was like seeing that 15 foot gator on the golf course in Florida, it just can’t be real. I turned tail and told my husband, “you gotta see it and you better take care of it fast. I’m just not going to do it”

A poop boat the size of my daughter’s arm was floating in the tub. Some days, I JUST CAN’T. Today is that day.



Is so easy.

Love is hard.

Remember this mommies when we speak in front of our children or sit ifly by while others voice hatred, for we set the example for our children and the world.

Orlando, we love you and mourn the violence in your city at the stroke of one man who took the easy road of hate.
LOVE is the only answer, especially when its hard…it is still the only answer.

Happy Doughnut Day

Everyone who knows how to make me smile knows that Dough from NYC really brings it. If you’re lucky enough to be in the NYC area, drop by for one of their many amazing flavors. This is not sponsored, I just like sharing the good news.  Better than doughnut factory, who also makes a killer jelly filled.