We’re “scrappy”

I constantly go to estate auctions and comb pictures for real artwork that I enjoy. I know that to appreciate these unknown artists would be important to those who spent years collecting. My budget is usually between $10 & $30. I once splurged at $75 because I HAD TO HAVE IT. It ended up being worth a little something so feel like I got my money’s worth. We also have been gifted a few photos by some wonderful artists. I call my style of purchasing scrappy as opposed to thrifty. So I could understand how someone might be confused, just not my brother.

So last week my brother was staring really hard at our art wall. Somehow I just knew where that puzzled look was coming from. I asked, “Do you really think I somehow managed to purchase or thieve a real Matisse? Seriously? Is that what you’re really wondering?and then I’d hang it over my tv?”

“Well now, you just never know” he replied. I feel kind of cool now. An enigma.

I have been laughing internally at this for about 14 days. It just keeps coming. I’m the farthest thing from a fine art owner the world has known. I only collect priceless one of a kinds like those seen below. Isn’t it beautiful?


that you’d like to have a life again?  Take heart- we’re all right here with you.  I often sit and look on in envy at the mommies that have clean houses in their insta. The ones who go out and have a night out, or a mommy-cation. The ladies on youtube showing you around their spotless house,  & you kind of want to knock a planter over just so they’ll experience the slight bit of chaos you have in your life right now.  Just me?  Nah. I know it isn’t so. Just remember, all that?  It’s show biz people.  Show biz.  Also, their kids are most likely over 6 years old, if not- super annoyed with them in this moment.

Real life. It’s messy.  SUPER duper, pooper on the floor or maybe a wall- MESSY.  Don’t let anyone fool you.  Not a soul.  We’re all in this swamp of motherhood together, some of us just sweat less- it’s genetics.  Personally, I’m in the sweaty swass crowd with frizzy hair. Slow clap for yourself loud and proud today- you deserve it.  Try it, very empowering.

Just left grocery store with many people wondering if one of these children were actually my own.

They finally did it, my kids truly embarrassed me. At least 45 people believe I kidnapped one of my children.

My tiny tot declared war. Kicked off her boots, writhed on the floor in her beautiful dress, when I wrestled her into the cart we went through the whole store with the screams of, “let me out of here! You’re hurting me! Please someone get my daddy, I want my daddy!”

From one end to the other, all the way out to the car. My other 2 circled the cart like they didnt know me. My face is still burning, and I’m waiting for police lights to show up in the parking lot.

A global economy

I was trying to talk to the girls about learning a different language, because I found an immersion school I’d love for them to attend. I always regretted we weren’t speaking other languages in school as kids. I was explaining that we have a global economy, etc very important.

Evie let me know she’s already on top of it, she can talk with animals. Lily assured me she knows lots of different voices. She demonstrated by speaking baby, fairy, queen, and monster.

My kids are definitely going to Harvard.

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