Alone time

I love that all my kids talk to themselves when left alone in a room. All of them, and every single time. It lets me know they’ll never really be alone.

Although I wish whoever Mira talks to would cut out the, “wouldn’t it be fun to surprise your mom by sprinkling cheese all over the house? She’ll think its fairydust.”

The start of my cheese trail…it goes to every room.

A combo.

I thought this certainly deserved an honorable mention, given its the first time it’s happened to me. Even with 3 kids, this combo has never been seen in our house.

I walked into the kids’ bathroom after bedtime. Lifted the seat. Grossed out because one monkey left their business in the toilet, with little watery poo drips from an unwiped bum on the seat. Next to it on the left side was a smear of toothpaste.

I don’t want to know how, when, or the order of things because this time mommy is the one who JUST CAN’T. I couldn’t even take a picture. My mind is going wild, just like my tiny savages run amuck, so does my mind wander.

Where the dark things grow

The kids have been breathing in smog in the back half of the van. They’ve started to request “open air” the past few days. I decided to see what was going on……it’s truly the most disgusting mess I’ve ever cleaned up. People, I deal in rental properties & due to the location and difficulty of cleaning, this was worse than a 2 bedroom I cleaned out where they didn’t have water for 5 days prior to leaving…

It was bad.

Milk had streamed through the back seats into the trunk space. I havent let them have milk in the car for at least a month, but those abandoned mcdonalds milk bottles were still stuck in the hole where you buckle the seat belt. Egg sandwich remnants stuffed down the side of seats into crevices. Peanut butter jelly half sandos were crammed behind car seats, deep into the seat crack. Did I mention a gallon of water had been slowly leaking, turning it all to soup? Mold villages were setting up refugee camps in the trunk as the seat crevices were full. Full of warm oozing life. It’s 40 degrees out, and all the van doors were open, but that seat crack was still warm with mushy life breeding God knows what. I’ve gone through 3 pairs of rubber gloves and 4 norwex cloths. I use 4 for a WHOLE HOUSE.

New rule:no food in the car. Scream, cry, do your thing. No food.