My kid is so hungry…

she eats off the floor if we get her out of her high chair too fast after meal time.

She starts eating in her high chair while one of us starts cooking.  By the time we all sit down & eat, clean up, and are ready for bath time- this kid is still chowing down.  She moves steadily, but slowly- like a 3 toed sloth.  However, I do believe that 2 hours is long enough for any human to finish a simple meal.

Tell that to the kid sweeping my kitchen floor with her tongue.  I felt so bad I put her back up in her high chair & let her continue grazing for another 30 minutes. To each their own time & pace… at least for now.


We got a new king bed…

And I still spent the hours from 4-5:30am drowning in children. The smallest invaded at 2am, in our effort to keep the oldest asleep. Getting her to our bed was the only thing that quieted her boogery screams. She knows it helps to sleep propped up on my arm as she still suffers from baby kennel cough. (That of course she passed on to me)

At 3am she decided my neck & sternum were even better props. She then alternated her 30 lbs between crushing my chest & strangling me.

At 4am, big E comes pitter pattering on the carpet & catapults over my legs & lays perpendicular to my body. It ALWAYS freaks me out when she makes her way to our room in the dark. She tends to pinball her way in & even though I know its her, when I call her name she never answers.  She then props her little feet up on my belly & begins her toddler snore.

5am is rotation time, every one readjusts & begins the whole dance over as big e fights the baby for position under my arm. Thus begins our Saturday morning fight club, requests for cereal, water, & milk.  By 5:30 we’re out of bed. Weekdays I can barely get them up before 8am Nature’s a funny thing, because I still love them.

Happy Saturday!