I played the “I wonder”

Game with my MC (middle child). As in, “I Wonder why that train is just sitting on the Track? ”

It’s a game I use to pretend we ‘re not really on work errands with mommy. Of course, also to increase awareness and observation of the world around them.

MC replied, “definitely not stopped to potty. Trains don’t have butts, so it can’t stop to potty.”

A few minutes go by.


I really only have myself to blame.


The day starts…

With a rotting pumpkin on the floor, and 5 minutes later you pull a craft out of your kindergartener’s backpack that warms your heart. It makes you glad to be alive.

Also, you get that little smile you see on winners. The “yeah, I’m awesome” smirk you haven’t seen in the mirror in awhile. #grateful #momlife

When you read the news

These days and you see the world is filled with heartbreak….it gets overwhelming. I imagine my little nuggets’ future and it is heartrending. Not sure if I’ve said this, but I have always had a very active, VIVID, imagination. Here is the balm for my crying soul.

Go outside at night. Around 9:30pm. In the country if you can, if not any sky will do. Look up. This is a reminder of the majesty of our universe and the vastness that lies beyond. It reminds me that this beauty we have is worth fighting for, and I WILL NEVER GIVE UP. I can’t stop hoping and making moves to protect the future for all of our children…like a bear. Beware those of you who do not hold the future as precious. The bears are waking up from hibernation.

My spare room

Is home to a laundry pile that has taken on a life of its own. She, my laundry pile, has been dating, and asked her boyfriend to move in. They had mismatching sock babies.

They’re also totally upset with the upcoming vote on this silly tax bill, as am I, because now the kids will NEVER be able to afford to move out.

The birth of literacy

My FB (firstborn) is in the 1st stages of learning to read, and boy is it an alphabet rodeo. It started with her learning her letters and knowing how to write them. So she would ask me how to spell every single word that came out of her mouth. Except I had to spell it like I was a snail because she wanted to write it. She would say, “how do you spell stop? ” I would begin to say S- T – O – P.

She would scream at me, “Stop! You’re going too fast. Slow down, I’m on S”

3 minute pause.

“Ok, I’m ready for the next letter”

Currently, she is sounding out every word she says. It’s super annoying. She says the sentence, then goes back word by word and letter by letter to sound out every word. For one sentence, it takes about 15 minutes. I cannot wait for her to learn to read. I may be insane by the time my 3rd child learns to read.

Yet another blessing no one mentions when they talk about their kids. I love how their little minds work and watching them experience lightbulbs. However I’d like to fast forward these particular moments to 2x-4x the speed. If I weren’t writing this I’d definitely block it out and be surprised with every child. Perhaps it’s in an effort to keep the human race going….