“Big Jack has to…”

“…sit by himself because he’s not listening.  We’re having a birthday party & no one wants to sit with him because he’s not listening to anyone, so he needs a timeout. That’s also why he has a small cup.”

This is Big E’s explanation of a lone napkin in the corner with a tiny cup during a birthday party with her imaginary friends.  My kid is such a punisher!   It makes me wonder if this is a mirror of my parenting style….I swear I’m not that strict, and I’ve never made anyone sit in a corner for not listening.  I’ve withheld cookies, but never made her sit in a corner…

2015-11-22-big jack phantom napkin



Rough day at the…

Daycare. you could hear the echoes ringing of children in high level tantrum. Evie’s room is at the end of a long hall, every room on the way had a kid on the floor screaming. Luckily, Evie’s room screams were the those of HAPPY kids.

It is so rattling to hear kid screams. I got into the car and turned on sirius xm coffe house. Im melting the anxiety away with the acoustic stylings of hey ya & tedemption song acoustics. Who knew pop could be so soothing with a guitar….nerd alert, #thesmallthings. Shake it like a Polaroid picture y’all! Happy Friday.

Im so bummed….

I won’t be heading to what looks like an incredibly fun Halloween party, with super interesting attendees. I just finished a really long week at work & spent the time I had planned putting together a costume for the evening, since I’m really unprepared this year, searching for Big E’s crown. Since the sound of her dissatisfied screams were so distracting, it took me an hour. Little L also was missing her pumpkin top, so total chaos.

So after a 5 mile trick or treat walk, thank you nyc for giving my daughter the endurance of a thoroughbred, the girls still aren’t tired….but I’m spent. I also have a windburn a sailor would be proud of.

Isn’t it ironic that this is the time I used to start putting on my pirate costume & makeup, & now I’m crying that I can’t go out. What a cruel trick Halloween, cruel trick.