I am so full of it today. For 15 glorious minutes, I showed my newly minted 7 year old how to hand sew. We went over needle care (i.e. drop it on the floor and its mine forever), how to split thread, thread a needle, and the split stitch. I even showed her how to undo a mistake. I set her free and went back to work. I heard one single, “mom, Lily is touching it” and ended my streak. Somedays, it takes an army.

Did I mention the reason L had to stick so close by is because she colored all the tile on our fireplace a solid yellow with chalk?

Today, I am a living example of patience. Tomorrow, I may light a match….


We’re “scrappy”

I constantly go to estate auctions and comb pictures for real artwork that I enjoy. I know that to appreciate these unknown artists would be important to those who spent years collecting. My budget is usually between $10 & $30. I once splurged at $75 because I HAD TO HAVE IT. It ended up being worth a little something so feel like I got my money’s worth. We also have been gifted a few photos by some wonderful artists. I call my style of purchasing scrappy as opposed to thrifty. So I could understand how someone might be confused, just not my brother.

So last week my brother was staring really hard at our art wall. Somehow I just knew where that puzzled look was coming from. I asked, “Do you really think I somehow managed to purchase or thieve a real Matisse? Seriously? Is that what you’re really wondering?and then I’d hang it over my tv?”

“Well now, you just never know” he replied. I feel kind of cool now. An enigma.

I have been laughing internally at this for about 14 days. It just keeps coming. I’m the farthest thing from a fine art owner the world has known. I only collect priceless one of a kinds like those seen below. Isn’t it beautiful?