The Lion King

Today Nana wanted to take little E to THE LION KING.  Not recommended for children under 6.  I have an extremely well behaved child (at least in public).  After intermission, about 5 minutes in, while Simba reflected quietly on stage she first began to entertain herself by waving around our tickets printed on 8.5×11 sheets. Then she was hungry & digging through my purse.  As silence fell across the audience, little E declared, ” I want to go home.  i don’t like this.  I’m done.”   I took her papers away & her little arms started the tantrum flap like giant seagull.

I said prayers that she wouldn’t melt into my gremlin as I pulled her into my lap & said, “SHHHHH” hoping my intensity & deep breathing would affect her calm.  Like a horse whisperer.  Simba picked up the pace & the sound- meltdown avoided.

At the end, during applause I looked at the 7 year old next to us asleep in his mom’s lap.  Disney overshot the length on this one.  Cut out Simba’s heartfelt alone songs & reflections.