Travel with a threenager.

The travel force and not giving 2 hoots (you know the adult word I’m intimating here) is strong in my child. While this is the “on the way” pic of her shredding a fig bar she later swept to the floor in a 20 minute tantrum, “the way back” cannot be pictured…only described as chewable farts. Proudly claimed after asked, “was that you?” Her reply was through an angelic smile, “yes, my butt likes to talk in whispers.”

Kids are amazing. Ask all the people who listened to her shrieks for an eternity. The first time a flight attendant has ever asked me in my struggle to parent “isnt their anything we can do?” Usually, they just go to the back and buckle in so they dont have to engage in conflict with unreasonable moms like me who may snap at any moment.

why yes, Karen, get this child some apple juice and bring me some more biscoff cookies….and boom. The tears immediately stop. This beautiful child.

To the American Airlines team member, who spoke to my child so nicely and offered her giant chocolates as she was face down on the air walk screaming and blocking passengers from exiting, you. You are my favorite unicorn of a person.

hugs and kisses to all parents travelling this holiday season. What’s your fave pro travel tip?