Proving once again

Rules are for suckers.

This is how I believe Evie currently views guidelines, rules, and boundaries.  Mere suggestions.



I heard the pounding

Of Big E’s little feet running back in to the bedroom before I heard the little chant under her breath that didn’t come out louder because she was running so hard she was out of breath, “mommy, big spider, mommy big spider”

Evie’s no fraidy cat, so I know it must be a REALLY big, hairy spider. It may even have 12 legs.

She won’t go to the potty now or get out of bed to help mommy by getting my phone so I can text Daddy to come & kill it. Mommy is NOT going to put her feet on the floor till morning.

I’m a bigger chicken than a 3 year old.

It doesn’t do a lot for my self confidence in this moment.

Every single day without fail,

Little L turns to me with disbelief in her eyes as I pass her over into another’s arms for the day. Then her little rosebud mouth disappers as she sucks in air, letting the lower lip fall & tremble. She then squeals the sound of heartbreak. These little animals are totally survivors, this built in ability to play on your heartstrings has such sophistication.  I mean, who knew babies could communicate disbelief?