My personal heart attack

This morning I woke up & went about my business as usual, until I got to the point where I drop off the kiddo with my husband as I’m in transit to work. As he was putting on the Bjorn he asked, “Did you hear about the lady across town & her kids?” Of course, I spent my morning dozing & watching Hulu plus in bed so- no, no I did not.

here’s the link to the story from the NY Post.

It’s hard to write about, but basically a live in nanny stabbed 2 children to death & turned the knife on herself. The mother came home with her youngest child & found them. The father still doesn’t know as he was on a plane home from San Francisco.

I swear to goodness I almost called in so that I could stay home & hug my baby. However, my husband told me I can’t live in fear, so I proceeded to buy my monthly metro card & head in to work. It sparked so many conversations throughout they day as people just could not believe it. Every time it came up, I got the chills. the terror of leaving your child with someone else is just a GIANT leap of faith. Along with a lot of great research, recommendations, & a whole lot of intuition.

One person I spoke with said, “this is exactly why we only leave our child with family.” Unfortunately, this is a luxury that many families just don’t have, not to mention- remember ? Even moms can destroy their own family. I highly recommend that whoever you leave your child with, do the research & get a recommendation from someone you know & TRUST. In no way am I suggesting that the family in the article did not proceed with due diligence, & they will certainly be in my prayers in the coming years actually. It is just a sobering reminder that life is not in our hands & a chilling story that shows how fragile relationships can be, even with those we trust.