I thank the good Lord…

For new mercies every day. Today my youngest has been solidly fascinated for hours with my bed side humidifier & her fingers are too fat to fit through the fan grill. In sight & safe, no roaming. I have no idea where the other one is… Happy Weekend morning!



Working moms& feisty grandmas

I totally snapped at my mother when she was just trying to help.  I imagine that I actually bit her head off, and left bloodied chunks by the side of the road as I ran away in shame.  This woman BIRTHED me, and raised me (pretty well, too).  Yet in my own house, with my own children I cannot stand to have her tell me what to do.  Even when she’s right.  It has to be a base instinct to snap at grandmas.

I used to watch my other friends get so hyper when their mother or mother in law told them what to do when their kids mis-behaved.  This is my pre-toddler years of course.  I thought to myself, “oh relax, they’re just trying to help.  They raised you okay, so why not listen?”  I’m SO reasonable and advanced.

Then my perfect little baby turned into a monster, and the advice began.  She even handed me a book.  OMG.  I lost my mind. I still lose it.  Now that I have perspective & am not enmeshed in the turmoil of a tantrum and running on 2 hours sleep & a twizzler for dinner…I still get mad, even though I know she’s right.  It’s a vicious cycle.

I’m sure there’s a scientific explanation that has to do with territory, and right now I cannot reason it- except to know that my behavior is shameful and sometimes I need to eat humble pie. I’m sorry momma.  I love you!  Just don’t give me advice when I’m trying to hold it together.  Let me know AFTER the situation is handled how you would do it next time. After you feed me.

Am I alone?


So remember this?

hello fresh experiment

I just received it & tried it. A few observations:

1. I have never been putting enough veggies on the table if this is what is supposed to feed a family of 4.  Education received. Packaging it arrived in was excellent.

2. Took way more prep time than expected because of all the slicing & dicing. Due to this my orzo was overdone & sausage underdone.

3. Appreciated the healthiness, but a simple enough recipe I could have shopped on my own very easily.

4. Recipe #2 looks like it may be something I’d never really do.

5. My baby ate it all & licked the plate. 4 year, wouldn’t  touch it, hubby & I would have liked more seasoning.

6. Didnt look exactly like the previous picture, but close enough.

Final decision: Don’t think I’ll  re order.may try another company.


I smelled something…

Just awful this morning. I also awoke at 3am with a migraine, so thought maybe it was my brain playing tricks on me.  Nope, little L was found with a full diaper & footie pj leg of poo. I.e. the diaper overflowed.

As I ran to get wipes, L unzipped herself on my bed & crawled all over. I walked back in to a snail trail of poo all over my white sheets & a baby covered in her own filth.

I started tearing up at the same time I wiped her down with about 100 wipes. I know, so wasteful, so no judgments. The smell. The unfairness of it all.

I cleaned her up & then left the room in the state it was in, poo & all.  I’ll go back in 8 hours. Some days you just can’t.

I’m okay with it.

I looked on in horror

As Big E picked up her plate & licked it clean like a starving little puppy that never gets fed. Her little pink tongue just washing that plate clean. We were at a nice restaurant where kids don’t belong, keep in mind we have no shame & take our kids wherever we want to go.

Necessary sidenote, Beecher’s will not seat babies in arms. Ridiculous, it’s  a restaurant with a wine bar & my kids are angels.

I asked where she learned to do this new trick. She replied, “nana does it when we have pie at her house.”

The ongoing search for the greatest diaper bag in the world- for any situation

Happy Friday- here’s your shopping challenge for the weekend: I’m on the lookout & would love your feedback for THE PERFECT DIAPER BAG.

I’ve scoured amazon.com reviews, mommy blogs, youtube.com, and just about every google search for the best diaper bag.  My challenge is that most of the “articles” seem to be from people who don’t actually have kids, or definitely influenced by who their sponsor may be.  I’ve worked in media & I understand it’s so much easier to grab your press release & review what’s in front of you instead of searching high & low.  I NEED YOUR HELP.

Why is this so important to me?  They called me the bag lady on my football team- because I could Mary Poppins anything in my ultimate bag.  Example:  On Friday morning I would need to pack to transition from work to play, to overnight, to football or basketball game the next day. This back in the day when I still played sports.    FYI- for years this was a black leather Lulu lemon bag until someone hi-jacked my most perfect bag from coat check one sad Saturday night.

My biggest need is for an all around every day bag that is always packed for when I walk out the door.  Let me remind you- I live in the city where portability is EVERYTHING, and in the work place so is professionalism.  It has to hold a computer & diapers, etc.  Can’t already weigh a ton because baby is strapped on & I wear heels to work & drop my daughter on the way.  I walk everywhere or take public transit (like most new yorkers except for taylor swift, who i’m sure has a car service).

My requirements:

  • must be light weight itself & distribute weight well
  • be organized with not too many pockets to lose stuff or be confused by where i keep things
  • easily cleaned
  • something that can be opened & rummaged around in with one hand, yet if knocked over it doesn’t fall out
  • not scream “I’M A MOMMMMYYYYY!”  because, I just can’t…. I haven’t packed it all in yet (nearly there).

What would you recommend?


Thank you Super Bowl 50

For your wonderful Halftime show. I was eating breakfast this morning wondering what on earth my daughter was mumbling to herself while playing in her kitchen.

Then apparently the chorus was taking place in her song as she started bouncing around a la Bruno Mars shouting, “uptown funk you up, uptown funk you up”  over & over & over. Except shes 3, so it sounds a little different. Can’t wait to take this joyous song out in public, where I’m sure it will capture the hearts & minds of people everywhere. I thought Beyonce was the one who made an impression, because Big E had noticed and commented that there are a lot of legs and butts in her pictures.

We listen to peg + cat or NPR when kids are around, so it was definitely the halftime show. Kids are truly sponges.

When your whole family…

Is sick with the flu, you will be cleaning up after everyone & yourself. My dad used to tell me ,”life’s not fair” when I asked why unicorns didn’t make it on to Noah’s ark. (Thank you Shel Silverstein for sparking this convo of truth)  When you’re lying on the floor cleaning up vomit because you can’t stand, you’ll truly understand.  Bring a mom is so magical at times, this is not one of the bright spots.

Dad, I finally & truly understand the meaning of this sentence. You were a giant Yoda of your time.

I caved…

and am trying to rationalize trying one of those meal delivery boxes.  I got a promo code in my zulily box to try Hello Fresh.  The card had a REALLY happy family with a toddler helping mommy & daddy making a meal.  BTW, mommy & daddy looked like they were both 19.  So just a suggestion- let’s work on how we pick our models.

I have a hunch I will probably try it once, because the cost of 1 box for a family of 4 WITH a discount is 3-4 times what I normally spend at the grocery store at 2 meals for 4 people @ $79.95.  Luckily, I got a coupon- otherwise I’d never try it.  Regardless of the convenience.  Plus, my kids currently hate everything that isn’t the color white/cream/yellowy. However, no judgments until I’ve tried it.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  Any other of these out there that are any cheaper?  With a comparison Blue Apron was slightly less at $69.92 for two meals a week.

We’ll see how this go, and I can almost guarantee unless instructions are idiot proof it probably won’t look below.  I’ll let you know what I find.

My menu is:

Chicken Paillard

Chicken Paillard

Crispy Onion Burgers

Caramelized Onion Burgers

I feel a little guilty…

that Child #2 has so few pictures beyond those initial 8 weeks when I stayed home.  My camera is just always so unhandy when your hands are full with Child #1.  Plus, most of her clothes are hand-me-downs from someone.

A mother’s guilt is re-born. I left my first child to work, my second child to anonymity.

I probably won’t do better, so I won’t pledge to do so.  I’ll just acknowledge my shortcomings and then give her extra hugs.