that you’d like to have a life again?  Take heart- we’re all right here with you.  I often sit and look on in envy at the mommies that have clean houses in their insta. The ones who go out and have a night out, or a mommy-cation. The ladies on youtube showing you around their spotless house,  & you kind of want to knock a planter over just so they’ll experience the slight bit of chaos you have in your life right now.  Just me?  Nah. I know it isn’t so. Just remember, all that?  It’s show biz people.  Show biz.  Also, their kids are most likely over 6 years old, if not- super annoyed with them in this moment.

Real life. It’s messy.  SUPER duper, pooper on the floor or maybe a wall- MESSY.  Don’t let anyone fool you.  Not a soul.  We’re all in this swamp of motherhood together, some of us just sweat less- it’s genetics.  Personally, I’m in the sweaty swass crowd with frizzy hair. Slow clap for yourself loud and proud today- you deserve it.  Try it, very empowering.