morning drive time…

This morning’s convo on way to school with Big E.

“If Tyler (a friend) dies, you can have another baby and it will be him, right?”

Me:”No, that’s not how it works”

 “Yes, huh. That’s what Mr. K said”

Me:”I think he was teasing…”

“If I die, you can have another baby”

Me:”ok. You know, i think I’m done talking about people dying. That can sometimes be hard for people to talk about. Please talk just to mommy or daddy about it, not the kids in your class.”

With disgust,”i know that”

“Mermaids are real right?”

Me:”no, they are pretend, like Ariel is a cartoon”

“No they are real. I know. Can we get some hot lava to put on wolves so they don’t get us?”


“Lava. On wolves. So. They. Can’t. Get. Us.”


“Magic is real right?”

Me: “no, it’s imaginary”

“Yes it is”

As I prepare to unleash my annoyance at constantly being told I’m wrong…

“I really love talking to you mom.:

This kid has a scary train of thought with an excellent sense of survival.