Me, Myself, and I

Yeah, as I mentioned. It’s been about a week since I checked in.  Possibly 2. Why?  I rediscovered the “me before kids” with a week alone in NYC.  My husband so thoughtfully had a MAJOR win in this year.  He thought, “where did Lindsey feel most boss lady?  NYC. I’m a gonna send her there. I got this.”  This is why having a life partner who is a PARTNER is so important.  He gets me. He sacrifices for me as much as I sacrifice for him. More on that another time, but I am so thrifty with praise (my midwestern upbringing) I have to throw some out there onto the interwebs for him.  Joshua. He’s amazing.

This is the most important trip I have ever taken. I didn’t think it would be. I thought it would just be awesome.  I remembered me. I remembered what it was like to feel re-charged, think only of myself. Have time to reflect on what is important to me. Re-connect with friends.  As an entrepreneur I am often my only cheerleader.  As a mom, I get hugs and kisses, but they are paid for in full with butt wipes & everday servitude. At least that’s what it feels like…. to spend time alone was a reminder of all the things I have to be thankful about, and while I may have given up many wonderful things by having a family- I have received much in return.  It’s just different stuff (all that “much”) that I’ve received.

Upon my return home, a DarrenDaily popped up in my inbox.  It was about not missing the point. All too often we focus on growth, challenge, money, things, achievement, and miss the point of why we are here.  Here in this life, on this journey & path. More on my trip in the future- but man. Here’s my point today.

As a mom, when I’m in the thick of it- I feel as though I am a shell of my former self. The chaos of my kids can sometimes leave me empty.  My little vampires often overlook  my emotional need to fill me up with hugs and kisses, especially when they are full of their own emotions & their cup runneth over so to speak.   It is so important to pay homage to who you were and sometimes re-connect yourself to all you still have left of YOU.  How much you’ve grown, and think about where you’d like to head next. Whether it’s an hour away.  A night to yourself.  Meditation. Exercise.  We all need to find our happy place and spend a little time there so we can be our best selves.  Not for our kids, but so we can stay on the course in this marathon.  We can not do it all. We don’t have to. Take 20 minutes to go and breathe. Your kid can eat mac n cheese from a box today & leave that floor unswept- there’s going to be mac n cheese on it in 20 minutes anyways.


She finally figured it out.

“Mom, come here. Mom.”

Me walking into bathroom.

My 4 year old, “do you smell it? My poop. CAN YOU SMELL IT?”

“yes. I smell it.” She asks me to do this every time she goes potty. She’s curious to see if it smells the same to both of us & also so I can wipe her butt…because that’s gross.

Today she has more to add. “I know what it smells like now.”

“Oh yeah?”

“The sheep. My poop smells like the sheep.”

It doesn’t. It smells like the pigs, but I really dont want to go down that rabbit hole of a conversation.

Just dont…ask me THAT question.

My biggest pet peeve in a professional, personal, and adult capacity that people have been TRAINED to ask: would you be bringing the decision maker with you, or who should I contact?

ME. I asked the question. IM AN ADULT. I am in charge.

No one ever asks my husband, because it is incredibly insulting. If you own a company, assume the person in front of you is the decision maker until they tell you otherwise. It’s called respect and fantastic customer service. Anything else, is well, bullshit.

#makeitbetter #forwardthinking #futureisfemale

Back to our roots

We so country, my grand aunt used my Lee press on nails as a banjo pick. She said they were better for picking than the ones made for it. Specifically, the thumb nail. We went to a local bluegrass festival today, and it just felt like home. So much so that little nug had to pee as soon as we arrived, even though we literally just stopped before we hit the park to avoid park bathrooms. Never works. I tried holding her over the toilet. She peed all over me. Crying, we washed up as best you can in a nasty metal sink. It’s just like peeing behind a tree!!   Got some chips at the food truck and settled in to have the sound of a mandolin & gnats carry us away. For the kids, a cultural experience- for me and all the other old folks- a taste of what home feels like.