I met a mommy

Who when i asked,  “how old is he?” She looked nervous as though i had just loaded a gun. She replied, “he’s 6 monthes. He’s very small for his age.” As though she was apologizing her baby wasn’t a beefcake & i would definitely pass judgment.  I replied, “small? Im awfully big for my age, & that’s okay too. He looks healthy to me.”

She smiled sheepishly.  “Everyone always comments, so i guess i just try to beat’em to it. He was 2 months premature & is catching up. It makes me feel bad.”

Looks like our comments seem like judgements. Watch your words to children & their parents peanut gallery, you matter!


Remember how i said no more toys?

I’ve caved not for toys, but fashion. In my eyes this is 10 times worse in terms of being smart with money & space.

But it brings me joy! (Thank you marie kondo for helping me understand how i can justify wasting my hard earned dunkets).

Marimekko brings me joy when i walk into their store, especially when there’s a sale. My motto, “never
pay full price…for ANYTHING, EVER.” Jennifer in the flatiron store knows her business. She brought me joy too with her service, so i guess its a double win. I bought 2 print clashing, color matching dresses for my little dinosaurs…i cant wait to watch them open these packages. It wasn’t even a gift, but Jennifer convinced me it should be. You had me at, “the foccacia at eataly is smazing”. Off topic, yes. But it showed me she has priorties, hence the willingness to wait while she wrapped. Of course, now i can coach good behavior for at least a week with this “surprise.”  Poor parenting, or genius?

Throwing shade, toddler style.


Ever been yelled at incoherently, but still know exactly what they meant? The recipient of this toddler’s simply worded scorn & serious shade on the subway knew he really said,  “if these straps weren’t holding me back I’d gnaw your face off. It would embarass the h**l out of you to be accosted by a child. You deserve it…for bumping my stroller & not smiling at me”

Everyone else understood too.

Kids are so black & white about things, right?

Weaning, the idea is as terrible as the word sounds

I hate the word “wean”. Its the same way I feel about the word “moist”.

Last night I woke up at 2am in a wet bed. Couldnt place how this happened. No baby in the bed, check. No toddler in bed,  check. Didn’t fall asleep again with full glass in hand, check. Is hubby sweating? Nope.

Did i wet the bed? How awkward. Realized that my boobs were leaking. Wet the WHOLE bed in a giant circle.

So this is why they recommend pads in your bra. My first leak, as I’m on my way out the baby feeding door & laundry is still 4 flights down 2 blocks away. I’ll pull a daddy trick & just lay a towel over it & pretend it’s not there.  Isn’t motherhood hard enough already?

PS bambooies, the ultra cool breast feeding pads are uber expensive. I used these instead for non disposable & avent or nuk for work disposables. Although I realize the cloth is so much healthier, no chemicals brushing on the nips-sometimes i just couldn’t do laundry!