Easter week has brought about a deep…

Theological conversation every morning for the last week on the car ride to daycare. I am not yet equipped with the thoughtful responses needed to satisfy a curious young mind.  Also, it’s 7am (after the daylight savings switch, so really 6am).

Questions like,

“Mommy, Jesus had his feet nailed. To be an angel will you have to get your feet nailed?”

” When you die, you be an angel? When I’m a bigger girl and you die if you don’t have wings how will you get to heaven?” (Wondering why she’s contemplating/anticipating my demise)

“Which house does Jesus live in? Does he have horses?”
Each day brings a new gem. Every time I try to answer, she weaved another thread I just can’t follow.

Also, not sure where she heard about the gory details of crucifixion…I was kind of saving that for 4. Our children are so advanced.