We’re out in it again. Mixing with regular normal people.

We’ll retreat soon. My 3 year old just put a fork on her booty and made a fart noise. She just declared,”I’m washing my butt with a fork! It’s a fart fork!”

Hilarious. We’re leaving when I finish my bacon.


It’s my birthday

My youngest has been waiting her whole life for her birthday to arrive. Everyday it’s the same question, “it my birthday today?”

My crowning achievement as her mother was when this morning I got to say, “Today. TODAY is your birthday.”

It felt so good to make someone’s dreams come true.

Why I’m not built for home school.

This is why I can never homeschool. It means more work for me. I’m already tired. My patience is already overextended. I’m also not built for it. My daughter desperately wanted to peel a steamed egg this morning. It was going medium well, enough to keep her occupied while I went to go help my other daughter get her dress unstuck from her head. I came back and my egg peeling toddler had disappeared…with a freshly peeled egg. I found it in a paw patrol helicopter in my bedroom. I gently reminded her that food stays in the kitchen and it was indeed food. I tried to take it from her as she replied, “No, I play!” As she gripped that stupid egg tighter. She was coiling up her energies to tantrum, I pictured the squished egg flying all over my room and the new white duvet I just put on the bed. I know, what kind of fool am I? It’s like I created this chaos…

I let it go. 4 hours later, I found the egg resting smelly and whole in the play kitchen. So maybe I’m a better teacher than I thought? I kind of credit my daughter’s intellect and not my tutelage.

So here’s a shout out to all the teachers for using your talents to better my child in the classroom, and to all the homeschooling mamas/papas who deserve medals. I believe we need to support our teachers in every way, shape, and form. I shout out larger tax credits to homeschooling parents, and higher pay to our teachers to attract the talented and called. Education is a gateway to a better society, so let’s get’er done.

May you find all if my child’s boiled eggs this school year before they go rotten.

Tech time.

My daughter just ripped the lid off her styrofoam (yeah, restaurants here still use it) take out container in the car and asked if she could pretend it was her kindle. I’m feeling slightly bad about her limited screen time, but only a little.

Happy 4th

Its 7:30am in this picture. In case you didnt know, we get up early in small town America for the big event. We set up our chairs and tents, then drive off to return a few hours later. It doesnt even cross our minds (except for mine) that someone could move our chairs to make room, or you know, just take’em. It just isn’t done.If you’ve never been to a small town event in midwestern America, ya gotta go. It reminds me of the goodness of our people. How you call out to a family who has no shade with little kids, “come on over! Do you want some water? Oh and we have snacks, sunscreen?” Also, your chairs will be right where you left them. This is what is so sweet about this day. It reminds us how to be thankful for sacrifice, to be a part of something bigger than ourselves and be better.This is it. Leave other people’s stuff be, and share with those without when you have extra. It’s just that simple. God Bless THIS America.Also, let the little kids have some candy at the parade. They’re slow.

Babbling Brook

When I was little they had Indian Princesses at the YMCA. Totally politically incorrect, however a great opportunity to learn about a new culture and a bonding experience with my dad. Your tribe got to pick your name, and my dad suggested “babbling brook” for me. Everyone laughed and talked about how perfectly it fit. I was gobsmacked. I considered myself a quiet child who said maybe 10% of what I was thinking out loud. It’s kind of funny how we view ourselves so differently from how others perceive who we are.

Flash forward 30 years, I totally get it. I have also cloned a little version of myself who is currently more of a “rushing river” of noise. She’s currently repeating the word “bubbles” over and over…interspersing it with meows.

Mom, dad….I’m so sorry….

Till death do us part.

My daughter was just playing out different scenarios of what kind of kissing was okay. Like, on the cheek, or on the lips. Boys, girls. This led into: “when daddy dies will you marry again?”

Not if, when.

This went on for awhile. The if, thens. She then concluded, “you and daddy will die at the same time”

Moving on, now we’re talking about the age of driving and what is on the test. I cant keep up. I’m so tired. Anyone else tired this Tuesday?

So that just happened.

Awkward!  I had a whole host of interrupted genius saved as drafts.  I meant to go back.  I swear I did.  So I put a date a year or maybe 6 months into the future.  Apparently they were all at the same date….Happy Surprise of unfinished work.  Ever had that happen?  Share your best/worst experience.  Bonus points if you have a photo.

As an update, I’ve decided I’m going to set aside a little time each week to write.  I’ve gotten so much feedback from people that I should, “Write a book”.  I laugh, but then find it intriguing.  Like how would you even begin to actually finish something like that?  Perhaps the way you eat an elephant?  So I figure.  Let’s just start.  I appreciate your feedback and some of the things I’ve considered:

  1. How will my kiddos feel about their shenanigans being featured when they are teenagers…and do I really care?  This is my life I’m writing about, and my feelings.  Should I be super millennial-y and have a lot of perspective & tolerance, or do what I want like a baby boomer?  (Sorry to play on your stereotypes, but this is what I’m wrestling with…)
  2. Writing from personal experience (however embellished) makes me feel super vulnerable.  I do not like being vulnerable.  I like having thick skin like the alligator with the knife stuck in his head currently swimming around in Texas.  Can I hack it?
  3. Will anyone read it, and once again- do I care?  Because then 1 & 2 wouldn’t matter.  HMMMMMMM.

What are your deep thoughts on the matter?