The time has come….

For the kids to fall asleep in their own bed. We’re in hour 2 of scream fest/ I have to pee every 5 minutes.

This is I believe where that thing called the “breaking point” is met. I have seen it, it’s real.

As we approach the next half hour, the screams are intermittent. Yet with enough level & volume that neither child can sleep.

We’ll see who breaks first. Kobra kai, sweep with the leg. No mercy…for that squishy little baby face with tears running all over. I believe this war of the wills determines the upper hand for the teen years.

I hear little sad voices, “mommy,please come in here”

You can do it. Stay strong. Self pep talk is working.


When on a beach vacation..

And towels are in short supply, rest assured, mommy will take a shower last. The one remaining towel will have been used by 3 other family members with questionable hygiene. I will suck it up, take a cold shower, and dry off with a wet towel. Because I AM MOM, and that’s how we do.

This portion of being a mom sucks.

Went to…

An all you can eat churrascaria last night. My 1 year old outlasted us all. The kid ate for a solid 2.5 hours & screamed when they tried to remove her plate with ours. She lasted through dessert, coffee, and drinks. She out ate 6 adults, even the servers started to get nervous the kitchen would run out of sirloin

Trust those smug parents when they say all kids are different. Our other child ate A roll.