I’ve been gleefully…

Watching this hot mess for 30 minutes while eating chex mix. Baby trying to take off sweater.  It’s the ultimate de-stressor. You think you have problems? This kid can’t get her own half sweater off & no one will help.

This is what I do on my days off, how bout you?


I’m so thankful…

for diversity.  Living outside of your own bubble teaches you so much & I’ve lived a meandering life where this has been possible.  I want to pass this down to my kids, but what is the best way to do this when there are so many different outlooks on this? Also, when the funds are no longer available to travel as widely?

I want to teach them that being a bully is for ignorant people- you should feel sorry for ignorant people. Everyone is special in their own way no matter what they look like.  We have a lot to learn from cultures other than our own, and we should be thanking our lucky stars that we live in a country that allows this diversity even when its hard.

It’s okay to disagree, but the fact that we can should be celebrated.  Hate is for the hateful, and I wish for them a life of love & diversity.  It makes this world a great place to be.



My daughter just told me…

The homemade blueberry muffins I just made for breakfast taste like poop. She then proceeded to ask me, “why you make muffins taste like poop?”

It’s really exhausting sometimes to be a mom. I look for my rewards & joy in very small things. In this case my daughter clearly doesn’t enjoy the finer things in life, so as a  teenager things shouldn’t be as expensive. One can hope.