First family photo shoot- a great deal & a rude awakening

one of my faves with baby girl- notice it doesn’t contain me

I’ve been a bit remiss with doing a professional photo shoot with the bebe- all of those adorable ones that I see my friends do- I really wanted one too. However, time gets away from all new moms & I am no exception. Pictures aren’t super important to my husband so it falls to me to capture the moments that slip away so fast. My advice- don’t delay! I wouldn’t have even done this one if I hadn’t gotten it from a friend. Look for your local or living social photo deals. This one came with unlimited photos, no fuss, no muss for only $85.00. One thing I recommend, bring several changes of clothes because an hour is a really long time to get a bunch of photos in the same outfit. Also, think of several things that you’d like to have photos of, whether they are candids or poses you are the director of your own shoot.

You’ll notice I’m not in the sample photo. This is the first time I’ve seen my post pregnancy body in high resolution pixels. Momma doesn’t like what she sees- but I will say it’s been a great motivator to get out and walk. There’s such a temptation to just let it go, but it’s really not healthy & it’s important to feel good about yourself & also to be healthy. We’ll see how long the motivation lasts & I’ll keep you posted with new photos. Life is always a work in progress!


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