happy friday my loves

Days like these, lead to nights like this, lead to….james blunt has no idea. Big E pooped her pants 3 times in the last 45 minutes. I swear it was willful. She pooed on the playground. Changed her. Walked her home. On the stoop as of group of 20 somethings walked by, she pulled down the back of her pants & said, “look. I pooped my pants”. I could see the effect of best birth control ever all over their face. You’re welcome. Showing me evidence on her fingers, as she wrapped her snakelike arms around my leg. I gave her a bath while L howled. Dried off, gave her a banana & started L’s nightly routine. Stopped this short as E walked in & said, “look at my tummy” “What is that?” “Poop” @$!# Cleaned up & came out to L’s screams where i had left her without a diaper. Poop. Now both are clean. One creature is gnawing on banana & peanut butter. The other, my boob. Tgif indeed.


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