Remember how i said no more toys?

I’ve caved not for toys, but fashion. In my eyes this is 10 times worse in terms of being smart with money & space.

But it brings me joy! (Thank you marie kondo for helping me understand how i can justify wasting my hard earned dunkets).

Marimekko brings me joy when i walk into their store, especially when there’s a sale. My motto, “never
pay full price…for ANYTHING, EVER.” Jennifer in the flatiron store knows her business. She brought me joy too with her service, so i guess its a double win. I bought 2 print clashing, color matching dresses for my little dinosaurs…i cant wait to watch them open these packages. It wasn’t even a gift, but Jennifer convinced me it should be. You had me at, “the foccacia at eataly is smazing”. Off topic, yes. But it showed me she has priorties, hence the willingness to wait while she wrapped. Of course, now i can coach good behavior for at least a week with this “surprise.”  Poor parenting, or genius?


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