Have you ever had a set of days where

you just can’t?  For instance, I just can’t write about it because I’ll sound like a crazy person.  When you wake up feeling like you haven’t slept a sound night in a week. Let’s be real, you haven’t slept soundly in 4 years, but you have built up tolerance for a lack of sleep so you don’t understand why you’ve been asleep for 9 hours & it feels like 15 minutes.

Or that time a few minutes later you were driving away from the gas pump & the noise it made gave you a vision of dangling gas pumps…but when you look out you realize someone  hit the concrete block beside the gas pump & totally messed up their car.  Suckers.

Compound that with the sight of the most giant beetle with pinchers you’ve ever seen just peep out over the top of your toe as you had your feet propped up in bed. You thought it was a stiff breeze from the air purifier. NOPE.

Days like these well, sorry James Blunt, don’t turn into nights like THIS where people are magically falling in love.  Been there, done that- now we’re trying to keep our sanity.

For work I read an article about being grateful, and giving thanks actually helps us improve our outlook, improve our world.  Scientifically through our brain functions it makes us feel better.  This is your cliff notes version.

So basically, being thankful does turn us into being better people.  I’ve been giving it a whirl, and while initially I balked at it because I just felt really, well, really ungrateful.  I found that being grateful for my haves, instead of have nots make me a better person.  At least for today, and maybe it will carry over another.  Having done this on alternating days, I find it lasts about 36 hours & then I need to be grateful again to get a boost. You should totally try it, it really puts perspective on your life about what’s important & shuts up that whiny voice that tells you to feel sorry for yourself.

Today I was grateful for:

  1. sitting outside with my girls & tickling Little L’s fatty bo batty belly until she giggles her monster style chuckle. It’s so cute!
  2. Waking up to a tantrum free morning, oh how smooth it goes when everyone’s smiling
  3. The really cool folks I’m surrounded by at work.  It’s pretty awesome to work with people who genuinely care about each other.  I hear other people’s work stories & give MUCH thanks.

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