The ongoing search for the greatest diaper bag in the world- for any situation

Happy Friday- here’s your shopping challenge for the weekend: I’m on the lookout & would love your feedback for THE PERFECT DIAPER BAG.

I’ve scoured reviews, mommy blogs,, and just about every google search for the best diaper bag.  My challenge is that most of the “articles” seem to be from people who don’t actually have kids, or definitely influenced by who their sponsor may be.  I’ve worked in media & I understand it’s so much easier to grab your press release & review what’s in front of you instead of searching high & low.  I NEED YOUR HELP.

Why is this so important to me?  They called me the bag lady on my football team- because I could Mary Poppins anything in my ultimate bag.  Example:  On Friday morning I would need to pack to transition from work to play, to overnight, to football or basketball game the next day. This back in the day when I still played sports.    FYI- for years this was a black leather Lulu lemon bag until someone hi-jacked my most perfect bag from coat check one sad Saturday night.

My biggest need is for an all around every day bag that is always packed for when I walk out the door.  Let me remind you- I live in the city where portability is EVERYTHING, and in the work place so is professionalism.  It has to hold a computer & diapers, etc.  Can’t already weigh a ton because baby is strapped on & I wear heels to work & drop my daughter on the way.  I walk everywhere or take public transit (like most new yorkers except for taylor swift, who i’m sure has a car service).

My requirements:

  • must be light weight itself & distribute weight well
  • be organized with not too many pockets to lose stuff or be confused by where i keep things
  • easily cleaned
  • something that can be opened & rummaged around in with one hand, yet if knocked over it doesn’t fall out
  • not scream “I’M A MOMMMMYYYYY!”  because, I just can’t…. I haven’t packed it all in yet (nearly there).

What would you recommend?



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