Found out…

I am unintentionally cool.  Went to the OB / GYN office for an early morning appointment. Couldn’t find any matching socks only similar-looking socks of different colors. As the doctor was checking the pulse in my feet and took off my socks she asked, ” what is the significance of the different colored socks, does it matter which foot I put them back on? ”

I answered totally clueless. “Huh? I just couldn’t find matching socks how embarrassing right?”

 The doctor replied, “oh its what all the cool kids are doing apparently.  They have different colored socks, and it matters which foot you put them on because they all mean something.”

 I’m really hoping that this isn’t like a bandana party from the days of old, and I’m sending out all the wrong signals. 

Mommy need new socks.


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