The birth of literacy

My FB (firstborn) is in the 1st stages of learning to read, and boy is it an alphabet rodeo. It started with her learning her letters and knowing how to write them. So she would ask me how to spell every single word that came out of her mouth. Except I had to spell it like I was a snail because she wanted to write it. She would say, “how do you spell stop? ” I would begin to say S- T – O – P.

She would scream at me, “Stop! You’re going too fast. Slow down, I’m on S”

3 minute pause.

“Ok, I’m ready for the next letter”

Currently, she is sounding out every word she says. It’s super annoying. She says the sentence, then goes back word by word and letter by letter to sound out every word. For one sentence, it takes about 15 minutes. I cannot wait for her to learn to read. I may be insane by the time my 3rd child learns to read.

Yet another blessing no one mentions when they talk about their kids. I love how their little minds work and watching them experience lightbulbs. However I’d like to fast forward these particular moments to 2x-4x the speed. If I weren’t writing this I’d definitely block it out and be surprised with every child. Perhaps it’s in an effort to keep the human race going….


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