The little competitor in me…

wanted to start Words With Friends again. Okay, not little, I’m a GIANT competitor.  I thought, instead of mindless entertainment when I need to unwind while the kids scream at me through the door of the bathroom, why not stretch your mind?  Did you know the regular Words With Friends no longer exists as an app outside facebook?? Maybe it never did, it’s been that long that I previously did not have apps on my phone  It’s now an ad-filled app that shoots up an app every time you make a move, which doesn’t bother me as much as trying to figure out where the x is to close them out.

So I started playing the quick matches against the computer so I didn’t have to wait to feel like a winner again.  However, a computer is really different than playing with a group of friends before a night on the town when your mind is young and flexible.  Unencumbered by the weight of the daily grind.  I couldn’t think of words.  Me. I couldn’t think of the word IRON.  So, I cheated.  Just to get a start.  A study before I went up against real people.  The computer has a dictionary at it’s disposal right?

Now that I’m playing against real people, I’m still struggling to win.  It’s a lesson in humility, and a reminder that learning has to be forever.  I’m uber competitive, so the winner in me is suffering a bit, but that’s okay.   You don’t get breaks from the need to know more.  Something I hope I can pass on to my kids in this busy world of multi-tasking and surface information.  There is no substitution for the work you have to put in to have a well-rounded education and world view.


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