Mind over matter

My eldest switched to being a picky eater, preferring sugar to most other food groups, after an excellent start of eating everything under the sun. She closed her mind to the miracle of food variety around 2 years of age.

We always try to put one thing on her plate we KNOW she will eat so she doesn’t get hangry before bed. Tonight I thought, “enough is enough. I KNOW she will like the minced chicken if she just tries it.” So I declared, “treats for anyone who eats everything on their plate.” The littles licked their plates clean and were savoring a delicious chocolate bar as my first born was almost moved to tears at the mountain before her. I caved to let her have ONE BITE of chicken and dessert would be hers. ONE BITE.

She took a bite, tears started streaming down her face. She turned red as she swallowed. Then that little nugget BARFED all over the dinner table. Looked at me with sad eyes and said, “now can I have a treat since I ate a bit of everything?”

Oh. The humanity.


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