The ad all mom’s want answered

WANTED: Someone who loves an orderly house, and believes cleanliness is next to godliness. You will be required to do laundry, not forgetting to pre-rinse all speed, pooped &vomited upon items. Clean all surfaces and keep all items in their place so our cluttered house looks like a minimalist modern masterpiece. Cook whole 30 compliant meals that taste like they are not at all compliant. Wake up between midnight and 1am & carry my slumbering 3 & 5 yr old to toilet so they don’t wet the bed.

References required, interviews next week. Please submit CV to

Salary: non-negotiable. Unpaid in cash, but I’ll be your best friend forever.

Pictured:my laundry pile after 2 straight, uninterrupted hours of folding with two more loads in the dryer. #thestruggleisreal #momsohard #laundrypile


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