Sent my girls to the kitchen…

on an ant hunt. I said, “get them all or they will take over the house from the crumbs you left at lunch” My kids eat like coyotes and leave scraps in heaps under their chairs. The ants have practically nominated the trio of scrap leavers president of their colony.

Today I sent them into the kitchen armed with shoes and toilet paper to rid the kitchen of ants. As my middle went to go wash the carnage off her shoe, my oldest came to show me her “little friend”. The last ant left of the hunt. I took a picture, then grabbed him and rolled him into a ball. Yeah, we’re those kind of parents. I told her to get back into the kitchen and found myself calling out, “FINISH THEM!!!!” as she walked away. They are still in the kitchen, one is finishing them, while the other is attempting to corral survivors and tell the ants it’s going to be okay.

A life lesson from kids. No matter what, one way or the other, it’s going to be okay. It all depends on your perspective.

Update to this post: my oldest convinced the youngest to collect ants on a tray and make an ant family. They want to grow up to farm ants. What have I done? Been crowned Bad guy of the ant world. Proud.


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