It finally happened.

This morning we left early enough to drop all the littles off at their respective schools for the day, and have time for a quick egg sandwich with JUST E and me. We rarely have a chance to be together, the 2 of us alone, in the hustle and bustle of 3 kids and work.

Today was the day my eldest and I would have a few moments, and I was so excited to ask, “E, want to go get an egg sandwich with mommy before school or shes would you rather we go home and ride the bus?” We all know the answer……duh! Egg sandwiches are our thing. The tie that bonds, our appreciation for a good breakfast sandwich and time together.

But today she replied, “hmmm, would we be late to school?”

“No, right on time,” I replied.

“Mmm, I’ll ride the bus so I can see my friend Sara”



I’ve been sold out for a 7 year old.

They say it goes fast, and I know tonight after school we’ll snuggle, but sometimes “fast” runs up and smacks you in the face when you least expect it.


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