Not crafty.

So last night I went to the Fab-o-lous Pulp&Pine DIY Studio and Handmade Market for a fundraiser. I totally support local business, and needed a break after trying to capture our rooster for transport (more on that later).

We had some projects to pick from, & let me tell you, some craft professionals showed UP. I quickly discovered I am not among that class….. everyone’s project was so uber professional & design worthy. Mine? Well, just put on your sunglasses to check out this yellow truck.

I love color, and the more I painted, the more I enjoyed myself…so I just kept painting and painting. So I dont have a craft room, but man, it makes you want one. It’s so incredibly therapuetic. If you can find a studio like this, or a craft club, I bet you can find someone with the supplies who can show you what’s up.

The best part? Watching everyone else’s ideas come to life, & recognizing greatness in others where you lack your own skills.

Now I’m off to try and catch that tricky rooster, again.

#notacrafter #crafting #indianamakers

#makersgonnamake #chickencatcher


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