So that just happened.

Awkward!  I had a whole host of interrupted genius saved as drafts.  I meant to go back.  I swear I did.  So I put a date a year or maybe 6 months into the future.  Apparently they were all at the same date….Happy Surprise of unfinished work.  Ever had that happen?  Share your best/worst experience.  Bonus points if you have a photo.

As an update, I’ve decided I’m going to set aside a little time each week to write.  I’ve gotten so much feedback from people that I should, “Write a book”.  I laugh, but then find it intriguing.  Like how would you even begin to actually finish something like that?  Perhaps the way you eat an elephant?  So I figure.  Let’s just start.  I appreciate your feedback and some of the things I’ve considered:

  1. How will my kiddos feel about their shenanigans being featured when they are teenagers…and do I really care?  This is my life I’m writing about, and my feelings.  Should I be super millennial-y and have a lot of perspective & tolerance, or do what I want like a baby boomer?  (Sorry to play on your stereotypes, but this is what I’m wrestling with…)
  2. Writing from personal experience (however embellished) makes me feel super vulnerable.  I do not like being vulnerable.  I like having thick skin like the alligator with the knife stuck in his head currently swimming around in Texas.  Can I hack it?
  3. Will anyone read it, and once again- do I care?  Because then 1 & 2 wouldn’t matter.  HMMMMMMM.

What are your deep thoughts on the matter?


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