Happy 4th

Its 7:30am in this picture. In case you didnt know, we get up early in small town America for the big event. We set up our chairs and tents, then drive off to return a few hours later. It doesnt even cross our minds (except for mine) that someone could move our chairs to make room, or you know, just take’em. It just isn’t done.If you’ve never been to a small town event in midwestern America, ya gotta go. It reminds me of the goodness of our people. How you call out to a family who has no shade with little kids, “come on over! Do you want some water? Oh and we have snacks, sunscreen?” Also, your chairs will be right where you left them. This is what is so sweet about this day. It reminds us how to be thankful for sacrifice, to be a part of something bigger than ourselves and be better.This is it. Leave other people’s stuff be, and share with those without when you have extra. It’s just that simple. God Bless THIS America.Also, let the little kids have some candy at the parade. They’re slow.


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