Why I’m not built for home school.

This is why I can never homeschool. It means more work for me. I’m already tired. My patience is already overextended. I’m also not built for it. My daughter desperately wanted to peel a steamed egg this morning. It was going medium well, enough to keep her occupied while I went to go help my other daughter get her dress unstuck from her head. I came back and my egg peeling toddler had disappeared…with a freshly peeled egg. I found it in a paw patrol helicopter in my bedroom. I gently reminded her that food stays in the kitchen and it was indeed food. I tried to take it from her as she replied, “No, I play!” As she gripped that stupid egg tighter. She was coiling up her energies to tantrum, I pictured the squished egg flying all over my room and the new white duvet I just put on the bed. I know, what kind of fool am I? It’s like I created this chaos…

I let it go. 4 hours later, I found the egg resting smelly and whole in the play kitchen. So maybe I’m a better teacher than I thought? I kind of credit my daughter’s intellect and not my tutelage.

So here’s a shout out to all the teachers for using your talents to better my child in the classroom, and to all the homeschooling mamas/papas who deserve medals. I believe we need to support our teachers in every way, shape, and form. I shout out larger tax credits to homeschooling parents, and higher pay to our teachers to attract the talented and called. Education is a gateway to a better society, so let’s get’er done.

May you find all if my child’s boiled eggs this school year before they go rotten.


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