Hello world! Steele mommy is born…the baby comes next.

I was pregnant & now I’ve had a baby.  YAY! I intended to start this when I was pregnant, but I intended to exercise every day as well…

I had a lot of time to look for specifics (typically between 2 & 4 a.m. as that’s my AWAKE baby hours) about what to expect, things I need, what are the best things I REALLY need- there’s a lot of bull hockey (or B.S. if you will) that just says I need to buy a lot of stuff & spend a lot of money.  I didn’t get any real stories from real moms.  Maybe it’s because I’m new to motherhood & don’t know where to look- but I have to say I’m a little disappointed with the general knowledge out there & lack of details.  I need some stories people!  I need real insights into what happens & what products are the best.  I’m going to learn, share, & recommend based off of my own experiences & those of my friends & strangers.  I find when you’re pregnant you get a lot of advice in NYC from people who are probably super smart & their advice makes sense.  I’d like to share it.  Plus, I’m on a tight budget & I’ve researched till the cows literally came home.

My family currently consists of my large husband (he’s a big dude), my little chubby beagle Chloe, & myself plus baby girl.  We live in New York City in approximately 600 sq feet.  Yeah, less is more in so many ways.

I look forward to sharing with you dear readers, the real truth, the whole truth, & nothing but the truth.  Please remember, I’m not a doctor & any advice is not fully vetted by a physician, but only a cadre of ladies & gentlemen who have been there & done it.

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