Hello world! Steele mommy is born…the baby comes next.

I was pregnant & now I’ve had a baby.  YAY! I intended to start this when I was pregnant, but I intended to exercise every day as well…

I had a lot of time to look for specifics (typically between 2 & 4 a.m. as that’s my AWAKE baby hours) about what to expect, things I need, what are the best things I REALLY need- there’s a lot of bull hockey (or B.S. if you will) that just says I need to buy a lot of stuff & spend a lot of money.  I didn’t get any real stories from real moms.  Maybe it’s because I’m new to motherhood & don’t know where to look- but I have to say I’m a little disappointed with the general knowledge out there & lack of details.  I need some stories people!  I need real insights into what happens & what products are the best.  I’m going to learn, share, & recommend based off of my own experiences & those of my friends & strangers.  I find when you’re pregnant you get a lot of advice in NYC from people who are probably super smart & their advice makes sense.  I’d like to share it.  Plus, I’m on a tight budget & I’ve researched till the cows literally came home.

My family currently consists of my large husband (he’s a big dude), my little chubby beagle Chloe, & myself plus baby girl.  We live in New York City in approximately 600 sq feet.  Yeah, less is more in so many ways.

I look forward to sharing with you dear readers, the real truth, the whole truth, & nothing but the truth.  Please remember, I’m not a doctor & any advice is not fully vetted by a physician, but only a cadre of ladies & gentlemen who have been there & done it.


2 thoughts on “Hello world! Steele mommy is born…the baby comes next.

  1. I’m on my phone and totally thought I replied, but dont think I did. Short story, YES to Dr Shrivastava! NO to St. Luke’s. If she can deliver anywhere else…. do it. I’ll fill you in more later today with deets, but wanted to get back to you asap.


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