Baby blowout


Its silent, but deadly. Like a ninja, stealthily seeping through until its too late. Your baby just shit on you. Literally.

It smells, & its sticky. Never looks good on adult clothes. With a onesie, youll never get it off without poo in the hair.  So not only is it on your couch, clothes, baby hair & bod…you’re gonna have to give the creature a bath.

Is this article helpful? No. Why do I share? Because someone is covered in poo & its bad manners to bring up poop at work ALL the time. Gotta tell someone.

Share with us your worst poo. It will feel good, I swear… i like the filters on #abeautifulmess app. Brings a certain fairy like quality to shit. Who knew? Those ladies are geniuses.

P.S. for my baby dreft works well, or if your going au natural, doc bronners pre treat is stellar.  For toddler clean, the only thing ive found that really gets out that pungent odor is oxi clean pre treat!


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