Andy the antelope on our wingtips!

Totally got parent shamed by the flight attendant on our frontier flight. After we were informed we’d be flying with andy the Antelope on our wing tips, she informed the flight (us) that babies must be changed in the restroom only, not in the seat…clearly for hygenic reasons. Then we must dispose of our diaper properly, in the trash.


We had literally the only 2 children on the plane, & lady, this ain’t my first rodeo.

I left our trash on the floor instead & a soft pretzel in the sear pocket…because I’m not a bigger person. Its the small things.

Tip of the day : never parent shame, you don’t know my life. Im a smart mommy, don’t assume im an asshole.

On the plus side, got to budget car rental & got an Expedition at no extra cost (3am special).  Cooling my butt on the air conditioned seats.


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