I saw a beautiful birthday party,

For a one year old that totally surpassed my 30th. I love my kids, & kudos to those who can really throw a well themed kids party with the $, time, Or creativity (must have at least one)….but…..

I just can’t let my kids parties eclipse mine yet. They still crap their own pants. They haven’t earned it yet. They’re happy as pigs in mud, literally, with mud & a box. Throw them a few marshmallows, & its literally the best day of their little lives.

Maybe its selfish or maybe its whatever.

Maybe when they’re 5, then I think they’ll understand & may want to have a craft or something. Im currently working on my kids party circuit guitar songs to prep. I’ve got a few years to write my song book & record the album. Of course, knowing my little ladies, mud & marshmallows will probably work just fine for years to come as long as its a group affair with tiaras.


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