To all the mommies…..

who lost your babies on 9/11.  There are generations that were lost & mommies who mourn their babies on this day.  Babies who grew up to be heroes on this day, they were still your little ones.  Babies who never had a chance to have a family, or say goodbye to their own little ones.  You are so loved.

Thank you for making it another year with your loss, and with an aching heart. Thank you for the birth and the years and hours you poured into your heroes, one and all.  We will never forget.  I looked at my own little ones as they slept & imagine a world where your sacrifice will forge a heart of love in humans.  . #neverforget

Unfortunately, this day in 2015 has also seen more loss.  Mommies in mecca are praying their children are not among those in the wreckage.  We pray for you all.

Motherhood knows no race, no religion, no politics.  We just love our babies, and we pray for those of you today who are suffering no matter where you may be, no matter your loss.


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