Do you ever get jealous of Jessica Alba?

I certainly do.  I think, why do you have to be beautiful AND have invested your name brand into a super smart and amazing company idea?  YOU ALREADY HAVE A GREAT CAREER.  Why do you get 2? I mean, you’re great, but come on. #letsbehonest

Honest Co is launching a make up/skincare line & sent me $20.00 in an email to try it out.  I’ll probably do it, so kudos to the marketing team on this coup.  I stopped buying honest after a few months because I figured they didn’t need my money anymore.  Plus, not a big fan of the cleaning products- I like vinegar with baking soda better.

It’s petty of me….but I’m human.  here’s a magical thought that would keep me from being jealous because you’re so nice-  please send me a diaper bagI love them.


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