I smelled something…

Just awful this morning. I also awoke at 3am with a migraine, so thought maybe it was my brain playing tricks on me.  Nope, little L was found with a full diaper & footie pj leg of poo. I.e. the diaper overflowed.

As I ran to get wipes, L unzipped herself on my bed & crawled all over. I walked back in to a snail trail of poo all over my white sheets & a baby covered in her own filth.

I started tearing up at the same time I wiped her down with about 100 wipes. I know, so wasteful, so no judgments. The smell. The unfairness of it all.

I cleaned her up & then left the room in the state it was in, poo & all.  I’ll go back in 8 hours. Some days you just can’t.

I’m okay with it.


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