So remember this?

hello fresh experiment

I just received it & tried it. A few observations:

1. I have never been putting enough veggies on the table if this is what is supposed to feed a family of 4.  Education received. Packaging it arrived in was excellent.

2. Took way more prep time than expected because of all the slicing & dicing. Due to this my orzo was overdone & sausage underdone.

3. Appreciated the healthiness, but a simple enough recipe I could have shopped on my own very easily.

4. Recipe #2 looks like it may be something I’d never really do.

5. My baby ate it all & licked the plate. 4 year, wouldn’t  touch it, hubby & I would have liked more seasoning.

6. Didnt look exactly like the previous picture, but close enough.

Final decision: Don’t think I’ll  re order.may try another company.



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