Working moms& feisty grandmas

I totally snapped at my mother when she was just trying to help.  I imagine that I actually bit her head off, and left bloodied chunks by the side of the road as I ran away in shame.  This woman BIRTHED me, and raised me (pretty well, too).  Yet in my own house, with my own children I cannot stand to have her tell me what to do.  Even when she’s right.  It has to be a base instinct to snap at grandmas.

I used to watch my other friends get so hyper when their mother or mother in law told them what to do when their kids mis-behaved.  This is my pre-toddler years of course.  I thought to myself, “oh relax, they’re just trying to help.  They raised you okay, so why not listen?”  I’m SO reasonable and advanced.

Then my perfect little baby turned into a monster, and the advice began.  She even handed me a book.  OMG.  I lost my mind. I still lose it.  Now that I have perspective & am not enmeshed in the turmoil of a tantrum and running on 2 hours sleep & a twizzler for dinner…I still get mad, even though I know she’s right.  It’s a vicious cycle.

I’m sure there’s a scientific explanation that has to do with territory, and right now I cannot reason it- except to know that my behavior is shameful and sometimes I need to eat humble pie. I’m sorry momma.  I love you!  Just don’t give me advice when I’m trying to hold it together.  Let me know AFTER the situation is handled how you would do it next time. After you feed me.

Am I alone?



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