How do you make it stop?

Your angelic,newly minted 3 year old is coming into their independence. They also have the time, willpower, and tenacity to out wait you. Outscream your sanity. Get up in the middle of the night until you cry with no need for sleep, I mean they still NAP. They can outkick you, out bite you. Basically, they will win if you don’t know how to play their game.  Remember doughnuts from yesterday? Well, we arrived for MC’S 3yr checkup and I asked the doctor how to stop the tantrums and fits.  She mentioned the book 1-2-3 magic. Checking it out to see if this thing really is magic….I’ll keep you posted.

Our pediatrician was right with FB sleep training (i.e. we are suckers, so stop getting up at the same Time every night!), so fingers crossed!


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