When you are having

momspiration, and you think of something you’d have loved as a child. You can make it happen. All of the items below were pre-loved and free, except the mirror and batgirl costume. Mirror was a $5 garage sale find, batgirl was this year’s mom made Halloween costume. It’s been a dress up favorite. I started with this:

The Dream

You show the kids, and they jump for joy. The carefully curated super hero, princess, frontier lady, and sizes for 3 girls. All thoughtfully arranged for ultimate organization and playability.

Ten minutes later I returned because they had invaded the living room with legos, dressed in 6 different outfits (2 a piece, because layering is king in our household). Here is what I found in the bedroom, I have entitled this “The Reality” enjoy.

Sidenote, where did they even find the trick or treat bucket?

Remember, your kids dreams are not usually your own.


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