What I want most…

After a long day of #momsohard and #workingmom -ing, is to go out in the freezing cold and cut down a tree for my mom. Sidenote:in an hour I have rehearsal for a Christmas program I’m in the next four days. So, yeah, grumps trumps over here.

I have arrived a few minutes early with my ungrateful thoughts, ready to wallow in a diatribe about how I have to do so much. Ready to spend the next few minutes waiting in an inner dialogue b#@*$ session. I look up and see this:

Just a small reminder of how truly filled with joy I could be, if only I choose. Because, I am truly blessed. So for the next 30 minutes, while my mother stays true to her nature and vascillates between one tree and the next, I choose joy. I giggle because they’ve sent 2 men instead of just one to help us. They trail behind as she hops from one row to the next chirping out gems like, “which variety holds its needles best?” And “someone told me there is one that smells like citrus, which one is that? I think that would be fun!”. The gentleman in carharts patiently replies, “I’ll be honest ma’am, I just started Monday-but I can run back lickety split and find out for you.” I laugh. She’s so happy in this moment to be with me, and have her choice of trees, it makes me smile.

My heart is full at this moment as I watch, because I have a lifetime of moments with Linda that make me chuckle, and make me question my sanity.


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